Dog Owner Renovates Her Canine’s Safe Space and Makes It a Stylish Haven

When we decide to foster or adopt a new pet from the rescue house, it’s essential to understand what our future pet has been through. Most animals that find shelter in rescue groups, usually come from a bad family and sometimes severely traumatized.

Some of them have been yelled at, beaten, or worse. Thus, When we open your hearts and home to a new furry friend, it’s important to be patient and give it some time.

That’s what Melissa Maher, who recently decided to add a new member to her family did when she adopted cute Bella.

Bella led a hard life before she found Melissa’s warm embrace. Consequently, the sensitive pooch has developed anxiety issues, and finds it difficult trusting people, or even believing that her next meal is already fixed. Bella didn’t even know how to play with her new toy since she never had one before.

Bella used to hide from strangers during walks, and hide part of her meals, just in case she won’t get the next one.

Her behavior broke Maher’s heart, as she came to understand that poor Bella probably never had a real home before. She didn’t know how to handle the canine’s behavior. Bella always wanted to be alone in her spot; it seemed as if it felt like the only safe space for her.

Thankfully, Bella wasn’t alone; she had a doggy friend named Mack, who helped her overcome her fears and learn to gain trust in her new family.

After a very long time, Bella came out to play, she started to learn how to use her toys and have fun with everyone!

Moreover, she started to finish her meals and approach people who came inside the house, which is massive progress for her, according to Maher.

The family was thrilled to get to know the real Bella and very proud of their sweet, reliable doggy son, Mack.

Maher and her family knew that they needed to give Maher some time to adjust to her new life, and they did. They showered her with love and affection and happily, it paid off! 

Although they were already doing a great job, Melissa felt like she wanted to do something special for her cutie canine.. After a lot of thought, the amazing mommy decided to decorate Bella’s safe space.

Bella’s spot was vital to her. It was her place to be alone, relax, and find her center. One of the first things she did when she first arrived at the Maher house was to take ownership of that spot. 

Maher knew that giving the spot a creative touch could go a long way for the little girl, so she started thinking and planning. 

Once she’s came up with all the details, Maher started to decorate Bella’s haven; she filled it with pillows and stuffed animals, hung star-shaped twinkling lights on the ceiling, and made sure that the mini-room is extra comfortable, by adding a big mattress and some extra blankets.

It took Maher about an hour to decorate the pup’s room. During that time, Bella was excited to see what her human mommy was planning. Once the job was done, Bella hurried inside to figure out what had changed.

Although she didn’t mind the decorations, she appreciated the extra comfort and the time that Melissa had invested in the project.

Maher was quite satisfied with her outcome. She realizes that her doggy probably doesn’t care about the décor, but she’s happy that now Bella is unwinding in style.

The Maher family loves Bells to bits, and it is surely mutual. They make sure that Bella learns that they love her and the more they do, the more she softens.

We’re so happy that Bella has found the forever home she truly deserves. If you wish to embrace a pet into your life, don’t think twice – adopt!

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