Dog Owner Is Shocked To See Her Rottweiler Gives Birth To 15 Puppies

Jessie is a sweet Rottweiler who surprised both her mother, Eleanor Usher, and the world for her unexpected litter.

During Jessie’s pregnancy, Usher learned that she’s going to have a litter of six to eight puppies, but when the exciting day had arrived, everyone around was left speechless.

Delivery time was finally here just three days before her due date, and Jessie welcomed into the world not six or eight dogs but 15 puppies! 

Jessie almost set a record in the UK and reached the second place on the largest litter in the UK category, “just” three puppies away from setting the record of 18 pups.

The labor lasted long seven hours, and both Jessie and Usher were smitten and surprised by the huge litter. While Jessie has 15 pups to watch over, she puts her ducks in a row and is in control of the whole bunch. Jessie doesn’t want anyone near them- she won’t even let people helping her feeding them.

Congratulations, dear Jessie, you are a strong, beautiful mama!

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