Dog Owner Finds Out His Dog Has Only 6 Months To Live And Takes Her To Incredible Trip

Pets are family members, they are that one thing that makes us happy when we get home, those who comfort us when we are down and bring lights into our lives.

When something happens to our beloved pooches, even the smallest thing, our hearts won’t rest till they are okay again.

Dog owner Robert Kugler felt completely lost when he learned that his beloved dog, Bella wasn’t well. He knew he would go above and beyond to make her feel better.

Unfortunately, sweet Bella was diagnosed with bone cancer recently. 

There were two options on the table; amputating her leg or euthanize her so she won’t suffer. Robert decided to go with the first option in hopes she would still be happy.

Sadly, with time, cancer had spread to her lungs and the vet said she had about 3-6 more months left.

Robert was completely heartbroken and decided to make her time left the best she could have. 

He planned a cross-country trip for him and Bella so they could enjoy the beautiful things life offers us and cherish their time together.

It was when Robert graduated and was about to step into the job market that he started to get ready for their once in a lifetime trip.

The undivided duo traveled to the Northeastern states and had a blast.

But when they came back home, they felt like it wasn’t enough and so Robert decided to continue traveling to Nashville, Kentucky, and Southern Missouri.

It has been 14 months ago when Bella and Robert heard the heartbreaking news about her health condition but here they are, still traveling and living life to its fullest together.

Bella enjoys visiting interesting places that she had never been before and moreover spending some quality time with her favorite human.

Despite the vet’s prognosis that she had up to 6 months left, it has been over 14 months since that day.

Bella is the happiest dog and she appreciates and enjoys every second of her unforgettable trip with her beloved companion.

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