Dog Owner Finds Her Pet Grabbing A Buzzing Sex Toy

Sara Middleton is a firefighter from Ashington, Northumberland who also happens to be a dog owner of five Basset Hounds. 

It was another regular day when she took her five dogs out for a stroll in the forest. One of her dogs, Flossie disappeared for a while, and when she came back, Middleton saw her with a something unlikely (to say the least) in her mouth.

She was shocked to see her adorable dog with a huge pink buzzing dildo in her mouth. Flossie wouldn’t throw the pink sex toy out of her mouth for two miles.

Middleton didn’t know what to do, she prayed to God that no one would see her sweet Flossie with a shiny pink dildo in her mouth. But the dog was ecstatic to carry the buzzing thing around. 

In order to avoid more embarrassment, she wanted to get straight home and not be seen by others on the way in hopes that Flossie would get rid of it by then. But her plans didn’t work out as she wished since the excited dog felt like she won the jackpot and there was no way she would give up on her buzzing toy. 

She wagged her tail all the way home, and the mortified dog owner had to share her feelings on Facebook: ‘WELL!!! When I went down to the woods today, I wasn’t expecting this surprise!! Flossie was literally buzzing with her new find and proceeded to carry it for 2 miles, proud with her tail in the air. Praying to God that no one would see us, you can guarantee we were seen.’

Although Middleton insisted that Flossie will put it down, she wouldn’t listen and attracted funny responses from passersby

She continued, “As I continually muttered Flossie you *** “put it down”, “leave it!!”, she continued to walk on. The other dog walker looked, laugh and said “most owners give their dog a ball”, as I started to go 50 shades of red!!!… Look how proud she looks.
“What a hilarious story! Thank you, Middleton, for sharing it with the world!

Here’s the hilarious Facebook post:

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