Dog Owner Chains His Dog To A Lamppost And Never Cames Back

When good Samaritan, Graham Dobson went to work, he saw a sad-eyed boxer chained to a lamppost. It surely seemed as someone abandoned him there, but he needed to wait for a while to see whether someone comes forward to pick him up.


A few hours later, Dobson noticed that the doggo’s owner hadn’t come back to take him, so he rushed into action and contacted the local rescue. Meanwhile, he gave the poor pooch food and water and stayed by his side until someone comes to help.
Dobson was heartbroken to see how sad the dog was to be abandoned and chained with no option to fend for himself.
The sad-eyed dog was friendly and affectionate, but he was terrified and confused.

It seemed like the dog was waiting there for his owner to come back, but they never did. 
Fortunately, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue took the adorable boxer under their wing and named him Max.


People couldn’t stay indifferent to the sad picture of Max, then it went viral immediately. The internet was furious about the owner’s behavior. 
The rescue wrote: “Max is doing very well and has gone to stay with a very experienced foster home, where the family is helping us to assess and care for him.” There has been a lot of applications for sweet Max. “As you can imagine we have had an overwhelming amount of interest and applications for Max, but for now we feel it best to just concentrate on his care and further assess his needs.”


Max is now at safety but still looking for a forever home that would never leave him again. The rescue is hoping to find someone who understands the responsibility of owning a dog and wills to show Max what unconditional love is all about. Contact the rescue for more info.

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