Rescue Dog Never Had A Yard, So His Owners Built Him One

The chances of an older dog to get adopted aren’t great. Adopters prefer to get the younger dogs and often overlook senior dogs, who need a home just as bad, if not more. The Bloodhound in this story spent most of his life moving in and out of foster homes. This left a toll on his gentle soul, and over time, the doggo developed anxiety. The only thing that calmed him down was the soft touch of green grass. Unfortunately, the dog lived in city apartments all his life, so he never had a yard of his own. Happily, his new mamma made sure to change it.

After spending a significant portion of his life in shelters and temporary foster homes, the pooch, who’s named Bentley, finally found his forever home. It was with his new mother, KaTarra Taylor, who saw past his age and showed him the true meaning of love, for the first time ever.

When she first got Bentley, KaTarra lived in a tiny one-bedroom city apartment. She quickly came to realize that her apartment wasn’t suitable for her and her 120-pound dog. KaTarra decided to move to a larger house with her boyfriend, Nicholas Evenson, outside the city. The two knew they were willing to do anything so that their pooch will have all the room that he needs.

The two quickly understood that they could not afford a house with a large yard, so they had to settle for a small townhouse. Fortunately, the townhouse they moved into had a small patio with a concrete floor. KaTarra knew that nothing makes her dog calmer and happier than the soft touch of grass. She also knew that her sweet dog never had a yard of his own, so she had the perfect plan.

With the help of Nicholas, KaTarra transformed her concrete patio into Bentley’s little slice of paradise in one day, and with a cost of less than $400. Bentley’s reaction was priceless. The pooch ran outside and lied on the grass for a good couple of hours. It’s now his favorite spot in the entire house. Now, Bentley can finally enjoy the life he’d always dreamed of, in the home he’d always dreamed of, and, of course, with the yard, he’d always dreamed of.

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