Dog Mother Was Found With Her 9 Pups In A Sealed Box

The poor mother dog was abandoned with her nine puppies in a sealed box at the Puntzi Lake in British Colombia, Canada. A traveler has passed across a weird sealed box, after noticing that it was pretty heavy, the passerby decided to open it.

The thing that the angel discovered inside the sealed box was horrible, an adult dog with nine of her puppies. She was thin and terrified and the puppies were only about a week old. Since the box was completely sealed up they couldn’t get out.


We do not know a lot about who did that appalling deed or what did the dog family went through. But the most important thing is what happens next.

After the traveler had found the ten abandoned souls, they were brought to a vet clinic where they received first aid and stayed overnight. The day after, the dog family was transferred to the BC SPCA (British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).


The BC SPCA looked for foster families but couldn’t find one. So, they took them to BC SPCA’s District branch, where the team provided the abandoned family the care they needed.     

Lorie Chortyk, the BC SPCA’s general manager of communications said that there’s no excuse for the despicable thing the abandoner did and it’s against the law.

The minute Casey arrived at a safe place, she was finally able to take care of her litter. Though Casey isn’t at risk, she is still anxious when it comes to making new friends. But she is opening up and makes everyone fall in love with her.


The mom and the nine fighters will be available for adoption once they turn seven-weeks-old. Meanwhile, the BC SPCA is still looking for who did the appalling thing to the innocent ten souls.


Chortyk said that abandoning your pet isn’t the only option for giving back your pet, you can also receive help from the local rescue or SPCA, abandoning your dog isn’t a humane alternative.

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