Dog Misses Her Soldier Dad And Sits On A Pile Of His Clothes

While there are some exceptions, the vast majority of dogs adore their humans. For that reason, it came as no surprise that this dog, who clearly misses her soldier dad more than anything else, was caught sitting on a pile of his dirty laundry just to get a sniff of his scent.

Being deployed for long periods is just as hard for the soldiers as it is for their families, but it must be even harder for their pets. While we humans can at least understand what’s going on, pets are left clueless as to why their beloved humans disappear for months at a time. It must be awfully confusing and cause a great deal of despair.

Like many others, Michael Yost, an infantryman in the US Army was deployed overseas and had to leave his wife along with their two dogs in their home in Germany. As much as his wife Jessica must have missed him, it soon became clear that there was someone else that missed him just as much, if not more. Their Border Collie – Lab mix Fruitloops.

Fruitloops was left shattered after Michael left for his deployment. After vigorously looking for her owner for days, the adorable pooch slowly gave up hope. Happily, the fragile pooch was able to find some comfort in Michael’s dirty laundry basket, which happened to also contain his dirty sleeping bag. Jessica, who found Fruitloops lying on her hubby’s dirty clothes, couldn’t help but film the heart-wrenching moment. She later told MSN:  “It broke my heart when I saw Fruitloops curled up in the tub of Michael’s old clothes.”

Jessica did everything she could to cheer up her depressed doggo, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t explain to her that Michael was only scheduled to return in the fall. Michael and Fuirtloop’s relationship is very special considering the fact that they only met a few months before the couple got engaged. Now the trio is almost inseparable.

Watch how the dog that misses her soldier dad lays on his dirty laundry:

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