Dog Lovers, Corgi in The Garden Café is The Place for You – Enjoy Your Coffee While Playing with The Corgi Family

Creative Tanchanok Kanawaong Opened a Coffee Shop Taylormade For Dog Lovers Everywhere  

One coffee shop in Bangkok, Thailand, has decided to hire the cutest employees ever! 12 adorable corgis are reporting for duty at ‘Corgi in The Garden’ café daily.

The café opened 2 years ago by owner Tanchanok Kanawaong to allow dog lovers and guests to enjoy the cute canine company while dining. 

The loving pups are made up of two different families: Pumpkin, Salmon, and Porkchop are 3 happy siblings. Quinn and Dean are the proud parents of seven adorable pups called Babycorn, Barely, Bean, Buttercup, Bluebell, Blossom, and Bone.

One year ago, Tanchanok Kanawaong had decided to expand the corgi family and add a 13th member to the gang: amazing, sweet, and playful little Marmalade. 

Together, the corgis make one big happy family. You can feel the love rushing through the café every single day. 

The corgis show their affection while engaging in fun, exciting play, spreading joy to guests, and to everyone around them. 
Don’t hesitate to check the pup’s delightful Instagram page, which entails the cutest, most adorable doggy pictures! After you have a look at those sweet tiny-weeny pups, all you can feel is happiness and love rushing through you.

Ready to Enter Corgi in The Garden Café? 

Just Look at Those Adorable Pups, They’re so Delicious We Could Just Eat Them All Up!

The Corgis are Always Excited to Meet a New Friend

And They Just Love The Staff

The Corgis are Ready for Action Six Days a Week

Making Everyday Fun And Memorable

They’re Still Learning How To Give a High-Five, But They’re Getting The Hang Of It

Everyone Loves Playing With The Corgis

They Just Can’t Get Enough

We’re Melting With Cutness!!!

At The End of Everyday – The Corgis Are Tired Yet Happy

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