Dog Lover Stops Her Car to Help an Adorable Dog Get His Doll Back

A kind-hearted woman notices a pup trying to get his doll from a tall wall and stops the car just to help him.

Meet Claire Cummings, a declared dog lover, and a dog owner. One day, as she was driving over to a friend’s house, Claire had noticed a stuffed pig, lying on the sidewalk. Claire’s curiosity antenna started buzzing, so she decided to stop the car and investigate. 

Through her rearview mirror, Claire was able to see a dog leaning over the wall, looking up and trying to reunite with his lost dolly. 

Somehow, the dog had dropped the pig over the wall. Claire assumed the dog was trying to get his doll for a while now because he seemed tired and exasperated. She assumed that the canine could’ve jumped to get the toy back all by himself, but then realized the dog was probably trained not to jump over the wall. 

Claire knew she couldn’t just leave the dog in good conscience, so she decided to step out of her car and help the little pup.

Claire Cummings

The hero of our story owns with her partner a beloved dog herself,  which she shares with her partner. She always had a warm spot in her heart for animals, so she immediately knew she had to step in and help.

Claire turned her car around, pulled over next to the wall, and approached the tired, desperate pooch, to help him get his beloved pig back where it belongs.

Cummings admits that she is a huge animal lover and couldn’t bear just to keep on driving without lending a hand to the little one. She knew he could’ve waited for someone to come and help him for a very long time, so she was glad that their paths had crossed.

Claire Cummings

When Carrie handed her new furry friend his toy back, he was ecstatic. He happily welcomed Claire’s help, love, and attention.

After she patted him with love, Claire went back to her car and drove away. The thankful dog watched her get into her car and then went to attend some urgent business with his pig doll. 

Carrie was thrilled to see the dog heading back to his business. She knew her help had made the dog’s day turn around for the better.

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