Dog Lost For 2 Years And Recognizes Father’s Voice When They’re Finally Reunited

After being lost for more than two years, and against all odds, Bosco finally got his happy ending when he was reunited with his owner. But what made this reunion even more heartwarming, was seeing how the nearly blind senior dog recognizes his father’s voice, and wags his tail excitingly.

Bosco lived in a small Rhode Island coastal town with his owner Bob. One day, the mischievous pooch found a way to free himself from the leash and escaped from the man’s backyard. He wandered around for a while and must have got lost because he never returned home. Bob did everything within his power to find his pooch. Living in a small town, everybody knew Bosco, but no one found a trace of the sneaky doggo.

Fast forward a couple of years, Sheilah Graham, a volunteer at Missing Dogs of Massachusetts, got a call about the sneaky doggo. The doggo apparently lived on the streets and scavenged food from the dumpsters outside of restaurants. Graham set up a trap, and after a few nights, she finally managed to catch Bosco. The doggo was in safe hands, but that was only half the job.

Graham took Bosco to the vet, who luckily found a chip on the dog and tracked down Bill. The woman called Bill while Bosco was barking in the background, so she asked him “do you recognize this voice?”. He recognized it immediately. The man told his long lost doggo how much he missed him. Seeing how Bosco wags his tail, it was apparent that the dog recognizes his father’s voice. Bill told Graham that he since moved to Colorado, 2,000 miles away from where she and his doggo were. He was also handicapped, so driving up to Rhode Island was sadly not an option. What the selfless woman did next is nothing short of incredible. She volunteered to make the 36 hours, 2,000-mile drive, solely to help the man reunite with his four-legged friend. The heartwarming reunion was well worth the drive.

Watch the man and his dog reunite after two years here:

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