Dog Kept Little Boy Warm For Two Days In Siberia

Winter in Siberia is considered as one of the toughest to survive. Last year it reportedly got 88 degrees below zero. According to, it’s colder than the average temperature on Mars!

Unfortunately, there are too many casualties when it comes to Siberian winters. Staying outside in the cold is no joke for humans and animals as well. 

When the neighbors came across a freezing dog lying in the snow, they were completely shocked, they weren’t sure whether he’s even alive. They got closer to see how they can help, but they saw something that turned their stomach, the freezing dog was lying on a two-year-old boy!


At first, they were fretted about the dog’s life but after noticing that the dog tries to keep the little boy warm, they understood that it’s a life or death emergency.

They rushed to rescue the little boy and it turned out that the kid had acute hypothermia even though the dog did everything he could to keep his body temperature warm. One thing we know is that the toddler would have never survived it without the dog’s protection.

Reportedly, someone abandoned the two-year-old outside of a cabin. Sometimes animals can teach us a lot about humanity, they are smarter than most people think they are. The dog had more compassion than the kid’s guardians, he wanted to keep him alive by keeping him warm for two days.

The heroic dog curled around the toddler as he lay on him. Thanks to the lifesaver doggo and the people who found the pair, the child and the dog survived it.

The main question is where were his parents? The local police located the toddler’s mother and she was brought to justice.

The kid was in the worse condition, but the dog was freezing as well and luckily he is ok now too.


Thank you precious doggo for saving the kid’s life, you are a real hero.

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