Dog Joins His Best Buddy On His Time-Out To Cheer Him Up

They say that a true friend isn’t the one that makes your problems disappear – he’s the one that won’t disappear when your facing problems (or facing a wall for that matter). If this is the case, then Dash has proven himself to be one real true friend.

Jillian Marie Smith

From the moment Jillian Marie Smith brought Dash into her home, she instantly saw how much love the little pooch had to spread to all of the house’s inhabitants. However, there was one person who earned much more of Dash’s attention than any of the others – her son Peyton. From day one, the two formed a remarkable bond and became inseparable. The two spent every waking and sleeping moment in each other’s company.

Jillian Marie Smith

Kids tend to get into trouble from time to time, and Peyton is no exception. After picking a fight with his younger sister, Mrs. Smith and her husband decided that Peyton should spend a few minutes in time-out and think about his actions. 

Being a true friend, Dash couldn’t bear seeing his buddy face the hard sentence on his own and quickly joined him.

Mrs. Smith came upstairs to check in her son, and couldn’t stay angry for much longer. Her heart melted to the sight of her son facing the wall with his arms wrapped around his loyal four-legged friend who came to comfort him. 

The punishment soon came to an end, but not before Mrs. Smith snapped a photo of the two loyal friends and uploaded it to her Facebook account.

Jillian Marie Smith

It’s probably not the last time that Peyton gets himself in trouble, but he can rest assured knowing that he has a loyal friend on his side that loves him unconditionally, and will always be there to support and comfort him.

Jillian Marie Smith

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