Dog Is Worried Sick As Grandma Performs An Emergency Sewing On His Stuffed Toy

Let’s admit it; we’ve all had a stuffed animal, blankey, or binky that we used to carry around everywhere. For no apparent reason, we just needed it to sleep, calm down, or just to feel safe and happy. 

Pets are no different! Many cats and dogs carry blankets and toys with them, usually because they’re significant to them in a sentimental way.

Draco, the Pit Bull, loves to take his red heart-shaped stuffed pillow everywhere he goes, and won’t let anyone take it from him.

The affectionate pooch was adopted by Allie O’Cain, his proud owner. The kind-hearted woman adopted sweet Draco when he was just a two-weeks-old tiny puppy. The moment he laid his eyes on the flamboyant pillow, he knew it was true love, and the pillow did too. 

Allie sees the pillow as Darco’s security pillow: since he received the pillow at a very young age, he grew attached to it and needs it to fall asleep until today.

As Darco grew, so did his playful traits: he loved to ruin stuffed toys. However, he always made sure his well-valued pillow is safe and sound. Allie admits that Darco loves to wad on just about anything and ruin it entirely. 

It’s not because Darco is mean, he simply loves to chew. That’s why Allie only buys Darco rubber toys!

One day, Darco’s canine friend Willow came to play with him. Although Darco is known for keeping his pillow all to himself, Willow grabbed it and started playing with it. When Darco noticed that Willow had the pillow, he ran to snatch it back from him.

Unfortunately, when Darco pulled the pillow, he accidentally tore it. You could see the stuffing coming out as Darco heart was breaking in front of him. 

Just like the pillow, Darco was utterly devastated by the incident. Thankfully, he had his human grandma by his side, and she knew exactly what to do to steer this story towards a happy ending.

Sweet grandma took out her sewing machine and started to fill the pillow with its original stuffing while sewing the tear. Darco watched his grandma closely, intrigued by the result. 

He didn’t know that his grandma was doing her best to help him, and cared a lot about his beloved pillow, so he tried to take it back before it was ready many times. The loving grandma was obviously very patient with sweet Darco, and understood that he was just worried sick about the pillow.

After a lot of hard work and devotion, grandma gave Darco his perfectly seamed pillow back. She’s certainly the hero of the day!

Darco was so relieved and happy to enjoy his heart-shaped pillow again. Thanks to grandma, he’ll probably keep it close to his heart for the rest of his life.

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