Dog Is Being Dragged Behind His Owner’s Car for “Misbehaving”

In our world, many people think of animals as property, and simply treat them like trash. As animal lovers, seeing creatures suffer as a result of people’s ignorance and cruelty, breaks our hearts. Consequently, many animals experience terrible living conditions, cruel treatment, leaving them completely heartbroken.

One of those poor animals is Barsik; a sweet, cuddly dog, who had the worst owner in the world. The cruel man and the unlucky pup lived together in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine. 

An awful incident with his owner, made the poor pooch horrifically injured and traumatized. 

The hateful owner, called Volodymyr, said that Barsik tried to bite his mother therefore he deserved this horrible punishment. The cruel owner tied the helpless dog to the car and dragged him behind with no intent to stop till Barsik would be severely injured.

The story was reported after a good Samaritan followed the mysterious trail of blood on the road till he caught the man dragging the abused dog behind his car. The worst part of it all, is that Volodymyr is actually a local official; who is supposed to be the community’s role model is an abuser in reality.

Sergey/Daily Mail

Reportedly, many people noticed the blood, but only one person named Sergey couldn’t turn a blind eye and stopped Volodymyr’s appalling actions.

Sergey hurried to the area, and quickly confronted Volodymyr, demanding him to stop his actions to save the dog from certain death. Surprisingly, Volodymyr wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was going to hurt Barsik until he’s deeply wounded and dump his body in the woods, dead or alive.

Sergey practically saved Barsik’s life. He rushed the pup to the veterinarian hospital as Barsik was barely breathing. He was classified as a dog in critical condition and was admitted to the hospital until further notice.

Even though Barsik started to recover physically, emotionally, he still had a long way to go. The doggy shivered in fear for two days and had trouble with his appetite.

Despite the horrifying things Barsik had been through the pup is still a loving and warmhearted soul, so we all hope that he’ll find a caring family that will never hurt him and shower him with endless love.

Vasyl Vovk/Daily Mail

Happily, Volodymyr is in quite a current plight. Many civilians were shocked by such an inhuman act of violence and abuse, so they turned to the local police station and called for actions. 

Consequently, the Khmelnytskyi Police Department pressed charges against the abuser who seemingly will face up to three years in prison. This case will go to trial, where his sentence will be determined. We sincerely hope that this guy will be locked up for a very long time.

The more we’ll share this story, the better the chances are that Volodymyr will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Let’s make it happen!

Barsik’s abusive experience was recorded on video. If you wish to grasp the gravity of the attack, this is your chance, though keep in mind that it includes graphic content.

We hope that sweet Barsik will make a speedy recovery and find a loving forever home soon!

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  1. Gloria EB

    What a ass hole mother I wish to drag him for misbehavior cruelty to a beautiful dog , shoot this ass hole.😡😡😡😡😡👮where are the police when you need them.

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