Dog Has the Biggest and Most Adorable Ears

Look at these cutie-pie ears!!! Yep, doggo named Goma is one of the sweetest, most adorable pooches we’ve ever seen too, and that’s why the little one is taking social media by a storm.

Aww… we can’t stop looking at her! Can you?!

The Papillon-Maltese lives in Tokyo, Japan. She is quite unique, thanks to her ancestor’s exceptional features. 

The combination of the two breeds is usually called Papitese or Maltillon.

Wikipedia | Jen Smith, Sannse

When people choose to mix between breeds, they can never really tell the outcome until the puppies are born. Sometimes, cross-breeding could actually risk the pups’ life because they are often born with health defects or without the ability to procreate. 

Fortunately, that’s not the case with Goma; not only did the Papillon and the Maltese turn out to be a perfect match, but Goma is completely healthy and seemingly is about to become a celebrity.

When Goma wants to go out in style, her owner takes her out in her very own buggy. Why walk, when you can spend your days like a princess in a carriage?! The dog is highly pampered and enjoys weekly spa treatments. 

The sweet pooch has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and loves when her owner reads the lovely comments to her. Just look how adorable and happy she is on this video! It will melt your heart.

You can also follow Goma on Instagram @maryupgoma_c.

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