Dog Got Locked Outside In The Cold, Pushes The Doorbell To Wake Her Parents Up

What an adorable doggo. 

Those who have seen the movie Kingsmen will recognize the next quote -“Manners maketh man”. The manners make us human, and without them, we aren’t human. 
But in this case, we are talking about a well-behaved dog who knew exactly how to act at a difficult time. 

A Labrador mix was caught on a security camera ringing her parents’ doorbell with her snout after she was accidentally locked out in the cold.

The sweet pooch named Chika is seen in surveillance footage standing on her hind legs, trying to press the doorbell button with her adorable nose. 

It all happened around 2 A.M last week in McDonough, Georgia.

Instead of stressing out, the polite dog waited patiently for her parents, Angelia and Robert Fox to notice she wasn’t inside.

When she realized it didn’t work, she decided to push the doorbell with her delicate nose and then waited a bit more before she pressed it with her paw.

Her parents were sleeping so they couldn’t hear the bell, but when they finally realized she was missing, they looked around and opened the door where she was, waiting for them.

Watch the adorable footage below:

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