Dog Goes Crazy After His Deployed Dad Mails Him His Stinky Shirt

Brindle missed and loved his deployed dad more than anything. He waited and wondered everyday when would his dad come back home.

Brindle was a shelter puppy, his parents Rachel and JD Aument added him to their family and became best friends. Although Brindle has two other dog siblings, everybody knows that JD and Brindle share the closest friendship.

When JD was deployed in 2018, Brindle was extremely sad. He would look outside the window and cry, wondering when his dad would return.

 Facebook/Rach Aument

After nine months, JD wanted to surprise his dog, and so he sent his dirty shirt to Brindle so he could sniff it and feel a bit closer to his dad.

When Rachel received the package, she took out the shirt and had to spend a moment with it. When she was ready to let Brindle enjoy it, he went completely wild; he sniffed it like crazy and started to roll on the shirt as if he wanted to cover himself with his dad’s scent. The other dogs were a bit shocked by Brindle’s reaction and let him have a moment with it alone

 Facebook/Rach Aument

Brindle claimed the dirty shirt and refused to let go of it. Fortunately, Rachel posted the moving video on Facebook, and it captured the internet’s heart. More than 700K have watched it, and Brindle has surely warmed some viewers’ hearts.

Happily, after another few months, it was 2019 by then, JD came back home safely. It was reported by Rachel that Brindle was on cloud nine and couldn’t leave his dad’s side.

Don’t miss the video of Brindle’s reaction when he gets the “stinky” shirt:

פורסם על ידי ‏‎Rach Aument‎‏ ב- יום שלישי, 26 במרץ 2019

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