Dog Gently Wins Over The Heart Of A Boy With Down’s Syndrome

The world is filled with heartwarming examples of dogs’ unconditional and selfless love. The doggo in our next story reached a boy, who before meeting him, avoided all other interactions.

Herman is a sweet 5-year-old boy with Down’s Syndrome from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In spite of Herman being such a compassionate soul, Kids his age don’t understand his condition and prefer to distance themselves from him. Over time, Herman started to shut off and spent most of his days on his own, without interacting with anyone except his mother Ana.

One day, when playing alone outside, Herman met an adorable lab named Hymalia. The doggo could instantly tell that the sweet boy was in desperate need of a friend. The pooch is seen in the video carefully approaching Herman, doing her best not to scare the boy away. Despite being suspicious at first, Herman soon can’t resist Hymalia’s wooing and showers the pooch with cuddles and hugs.

Herman’s mom Ana filmed the heart-melting moment and uploaded it to YouTube captioning: “Herman is a bit withdrawn and flees from physical contact, he does not like be touched, but Himalaya [the dog] insisted so patiently, and she was so soft that’s why it is so moving, she is left to do anything.”

It’s incredible to see how a sweet and simple gesture from a dog can succeed where so many ‘experts’ failed before.

Watch the heartwarming moment of bonding here:

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