Dog Found After Being Lost For Months And Cries His Heart Out

You probably don’t need us to tell you that pets are family, and losing them is as devastating as losing any other family member. One family from the Philippines recently went through a living nightmare when they lost their beloved doggo. Luckily the story eventually took a turn for the better when after the dog was found and filmed as he cries his heart out in one of the internet’s most heartwarming moments.

Rustico Samson Jr., AKA the owner of the dog, and his family, never lost hope of reuniting with their lost pooch. To them, Coco was a lot more than just a dog. He was an inseparable part of the family.

The man and his family searched for the doggo everywhere. They hanged signs and contacted local shop owners, asking them to let them know about any dog that looked like their Coco. Despite their many efforts, the months went by without any sign of the poor lost pooch.

Happily, all of Rustico’s efforts weren’t in vain after all. Three months after disappearing, a dog that matched Coco’s description was spotted in a parking lot. Rustico rushed there as fast as he could.

There, curled up in a dark corner of the parking lot, the man saw his lost pooch, and despite being a lot slimmer, he hadn’t had the slightest doubt that it was him. After seeing the video below, you wouldn’t either. It’s clear that the two couldn’t contain their excitement from finally meeting after three long months.

Other than being a little thinner, the dog was in good shape, both physically and mentally. The pooch readapted to living with his family in no time. They, on the other hand, were simply happy to have their furbaby back after three long and sleepless months.

Don’t miss the heartwarming moment the dog cries in relief after finally being found:

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