Dog Finds His Long-Lost Twin Brother, and The Owners are Immediately Convinced to Adopt

Bethany Coleman, a 39 year old woman from Hawaii was walking her dog Rouge one morning while on a vacation in Boston, but nothing prepared her to what happened next.

When the two walked passed a farmers market Rouge suddenly stopped and started pulling his owner towards the booth of the “Last Hope K9 Rescue”, and more specifically towards Beast – a dog that was up for adoption that day, and suspiciously resembled Rouge. After a few seconds of checking each other out the two started playing together,
and from that moment forward they became inseparable.

Bethany’s boyfriend Tyson, was actually looking to expand their family and adopt another dog, but Bethany was against the idea – “We already had 2 senior cats that I brought into the relationship and our puppy Rogue” she said, “I was not about to add one more animal to the mix, who in the right mind would ever let us rent an apartment from them.” Having said that, after seeing the way Beast and Rouge interacted, she couldn’t help but fall in love with Beast and decided to bring him back home with her, so she immediately sat down and started filling the paperwork.

“He was Rogue’s twin! They also got along and immediately started playing with one another. So right then and there I started filling out the paperwork. I even have the first picture ever of him when he was at the market.”

It took their other pets about a month of getting used to the new resident. Being the biggest, Beast showed some dominance at first thinking that he’s the one that should be in charge, but Rouge was quick to put him back in place.

Nowadays everybody gets along perfectly fine (well, except for a few minor disputes here and there):

“It’s funny to watch when we give them treats. Halfway through whatever it is they’ll switch and go for each other’s toy. But at heart, they’re best friends!”

Bethany, Tyson, Rouge, Beast and their two cats are now one big happy family, and Bethany is convinced that bringing Beast back home with her was the right choice. Since the family lives in Hawaii they love to spend their time playing at the beach. Bethany even added that she’s “going to get Beast a life jacket and teach him how to surf on a boogie board.”
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