Dog Finds A Rejected Kitten And Raises Her

Unlike many humans, animals are naturally capable of seeing past the things that set us apart and form real and deep bonds. Such is the case in our next story, where a dog finds a rejected kitten and raises her, despite all their differences.

Pax, the 13-year-old yellow lab, first crossed paths with the kitten when he was playing in the yard one day. He heard the kitty’s desperate calls from inside an old tree stump and sniffed him right out. Morgan, Pax’s owner, speculates that the kitten was rejected by his mother and left to his own devices in their backyard. Morgan and Pax brought the kitty inside and set a nice warm bed for her. Pax sensed that she was in desperate need of affection and clung to her.

The kitten, who they’ve named Polly, was malnourished and covered in fleas from head to tail. They gave her a warm bath and bottle-fed her every couple of hours. When it came time to eat, Pax waited for Polly to finish her meal and licked her clean. The tiny kitten curled up next to the pooch and fell asleep. When the kitten started to walk on her own, she would follow Pax around the house and wouldn’t let him leave her sight. The two’s bond grew stronger and stronger over time, and they became inseparable.

Now that Polly is all grown up, she does everything with her canine friend \ foster parent. When Morgan takes Pax out for a walk, Polly would sit by the door, and “bark” at him when he returns. They spend each morning sunbathing by the window, and when bedtime comes around the two who share the same bed, cuddle and fall asleep in each other’s paws.

Don’t miss the video from the day Polly was found up until she’s a fully-grown beautiful cat:

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