Dog Festival In Nepal Serves Pooches Food And Hails Them For Being Loyal Friends

Nepal has its special way to honor its pooches by celebrating an annual festival just for them. The festival takes place in Tihar and is part of a larger Hindu festival, the festival of lights.

Every year, during the time of the new moon of Hindu month, Kartika, the locals throw a canine festival, which is between October to November in the Western calendar.

The festival of Tihar presents sweet doggos with sacred markings, food offerings, and they’re even draped in flower garlands. From police dogs to strays, they are all presented and honored equally as loyal pals and the man’s best friends.

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The unique festival lasts five days and honors various sacred species as they dedicate the second day entirely to dogs while on the other days, they honor crows, cows, and oxen.

Nepalese call the celebration Kukur Puja or Kukur Tihar, “worship of dogs.”

Some people may wonder why dogs are honored at the festival. Well, the tradition is originated in the Hindu cultures of Nepal, which believe that dogs are messengers of the God of death, Yamaraj, and their job is mainly watching over the gates of heaven.
At the festival, the four-legged guests are draped with mallas, which are beautiful flower garland, and their faces are decorated with natural red-powder, “tikka”. On top of that, dogs are pampered with high-quality dog food, meat, cheese, eggs, and even fruits.

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In addition, the brave Nepalese police canines get a special honor when they are recognized with a unique ceremony in which they are being hailed for their incredible work.

On each day of the festival, the Nepalese celebrate a different animal; dogs, cows, oxen, and crows.

It’s incredible to see that in some cultures, dogs are being respected by society and receive the kind of treatment they deserve.

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