Dog Dumped In Parking Lot And Howls For 9 Days For Her Family To Return

Although rare, there are occasions when dog owners find themselves forced to surrender their dogs. While most decent people find the most humane ways of doing it, some don’t seem to care what happens to their dogs one bit. This dog was dumped in the abandoned parking lot of Sam’s Club in Memphis, Tennessee. She waited at the same spot where her owners left her for days, refusing to move, certain that they would return for her.

The poor doggo sat in the parking lot for days, howling for her owners to return for her. News of the howling doggo eventually reached Mary Murphy of Arrow Dog Rescue. Knowing that the dog had already been in the parking lot for more than a week, Murphy knew that the owners weren’t planning to return. The skittish dog, of course, didn’t know that and didn’t let anyone come near her. The only thing she wanted was for her previous owners to return and take her back home with them. After Murphy spent three days trying to win the doggo’s trust without success, she came up with the perfect idea.

The following day Murphy returned with her own dog. The skittish abandoned doggo finally allowed the woman to approach her. Murphy took the pooch with her to the Arrow Rescue Shelter, where she received a warm meal and a bath. Moments after her story was shared on the organization’s Facebook page, adoption requests began pouring in. The shelter’s staff were able to find the pooch a perfect match. Sadly, she wasn’t ready to be adopted yet and needed more time to recover mentally. Her adopters, who understood the doggo’s situation, gave her all the time and space she needed to heal. After familiarizing the pooch with them, on their several visits to the shelter, the doggo’s new hoomans decided to name her Samantha and gave her a new shot at life.

Despite being deserted and mistreated, Samantha never gave up on her humans, which just goes to show how loyal she is. We are so happy to hear that she finally has humans that can appreciate her loyalty, and love her unconditionally.

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