Dog Drives Tractors And Help His Owner With Farm Chores

This next dog certainly lives up to his name – Rambo is a Golden retriever that drives his owner’s tractors, operates heavy machinery, and gives a helping paw with all the different farm chores.

 Albert Reid from County Down, Ireland is the proud owner of the talented pooch. Rambo helps Albert with all sorts of farm chores including, mowing the lawn, harvesting crops, trimming the hedges, and plowing fields.

In an interview with The UK Mirror, Albert said: “Nobody could believe it, when they saw it. They had to take photographs and video him. We have people that come to our yard who are just lost for words when they see him do his tricks, he is such a good dog as well. He is just too friendly and so welcoming with all the people that come round.”

Rambo has been Albert’s loyal doggo ever since he was just a cute little pup. Rambo may seem like the perfect companion for farmers, but he does have his flaws. The biggest one being that he refuses to jump onto vehicles and insists on being lifted. “His tail will go round like a helicopter because he will be so excited. But he just can’t get himself to jump into my car for some reason,” Albert said.

Watch how the unusual dog drives his owner’s tractors all around his farm here:

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