Dog Drifted In A Canal, Saved And Thanked His Rescuer In The Most Adorable Way

Said Zarate’s line of work isn’t commonly associated with heroism, nevertheless, there’s not even the slightest doubt that he is one. The waste collector from Mexico recently became an unlikely hero, after he saved a dog who got caught in a canal and drifted away from home.

While on their regular route, Zarate and his partner spotted a black object in a waterway on the side of the road. As the two got closer, the man was able to identify it was a dog who somehow got stuck and drifted in the canal. He knew that they were the helpless pooch’s only hope. The man instantly sprung into action and rushed to help the animal in need. Zarate grabbed an empty sack and threw it in the water. He was hoping that the pooch would be able to cling to it, so he could pull him out. The doggo was tired from helplessly trying to stay afloat. Although he tried his best, the pup didn’t have enough energy to grab the sack. Zarate and his partner weren’t going to give up.

Eventually, after chasing the drifting doggo, Zarate managed to steer the dog towards the canal’s steep concrete edge. In a moment of pure heroism, the man pulled the pooch out of the water and onto safe, dry land. Even Zarate himself didn’t expect what happened next. Moments after being rescued and without hesitation, the thankful pooch jumped on the man and hugged and kissed him in gratitude. He knew that the kind man just saved his life.

The pooch, who apparently lived on a nearby farm, returned to his normal, happy self within seconds of his rescue. He jumped around, wagging his tail in joy for a few seconds, before running back home. Zarate didn’t judge his owners. He said that he’s certain that they’re responsible pet owners, and that the event was nothing more than an accident, that could have happened to anyone. He was simply thankful for being in the right place, at the right time. After sharing the video online, the owners of the dog contacted Zarate. The grateful owners sent him a warm message and thanked him for everything that he’d done for their beloved pooch.

Watch the rescue of the adorable little pup in the video below:

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H/T – The Dodo

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