Everybody Shooed This Dog Away Until He Crawled Under This Gate Asking To Be Loved

Sadly, there are numerous reasons for a dog to find himself homeless and lonely. Some dogs are abandoned by their ownersothers get lost, and a few even get dognapped from people’s yards. The reason this dog ended up on the streets remains unknown to this day. He roamed the streets of a small Korean town where everybody shooed him away. The unloved dog begged to be loved, until he crawled under a gate, and met people who (with some convincing), changed his life around. 

The first time the man encountered the pooch, he crawled under his house’s gate. Despite having a collar, it was clear to the man that the dog wasn’t being taken care of. He was severely malnourished and in very bad shape. The man let the dog inside and allowed him to play in his yard.

The man’s wife, on the other hand, was less of a fan of the doggo. She was suspicious that he’ll become aggressive and that he might carry disease. Upon seeing him, the woman instantly took her own dogs away and locked them inside the house away from the poor unloved stray.

And so, the days went by with the husband playing with the dog, and his wife chasing him away. The two speculated that the dog belonged to someone in one of the neighboring towns because he would disappear every day after a short playing session and show up on the next. That’s when the hubby came up with an ingenious idea.

He attached a small camera to the doggo with a tiny folded note to his owner. He was heartbroken when he viewed the footage from the camera the next day. No matter where the dog went, people shooed him away. He was unwelcomed and unloved wherever he went.

They kept the pooch with them the next day and called their vet. He examined the dog and concluded that he must have belonged to someone before because he was friendly and accustomed to human presence. This was also the moment the wife had a change of hearts.

The woman felt sorry for the stray who’s only crime was wanting to be loved badly. She told her husband that she agrees to let him stay with them as long as it takes to find his original owners. After some pleading from the husband, she finally agreed to let the dog stay with them permanently in case they can’t find the owners. Persistence pays off, way to go!

Don’t miss the video below. It shows the stray dog from the moment he crawled under the gate, to when he was finally adopted. While the movie has some silly graphics and music, it still shows the dog’s incredible story.

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