Dog Chases His Owner’s Ambulance And Begs EMTs To Stop

A dog can mean the world to a homeless person.

I mean, I’m sure that you love your dog very much and that you care for his every need. With that said, for those who have so little in life, a dog can easily become the sole reason to live through another day. As the doggo in our next story proves, this kind of love goes both ways. A video showing how a dog chases his owner’s ambulance and begs EMTs not to be separated from him emerged online and broke millions of hearts worldwide.

It all started when a Brazilian homeless man had a seizure on the street.

Pedestrians quickly called the man an ambulance that showed up at the scene minutes later. This whole time the man’s doggo remained close by and nervously tried to figure out what happened to his hooman. 

Still unconscious, paramedics carried the man onto their ambulance and rushed him to the hospital. While speeding through the busy streets, EMTs noticed that the man’s loyal dog wasn’t going to give up on his owner easily. The pooch chaced his owner’s ambulance through heavy traffic. He was desperately trying to be next to his human and wasn’t going to let the ambulance get out of sight.

Despite the man being in desperate need of medical attention, the paramedics decided to stop everything and allow the doggo onto the ambulance. They were afraid that he’d injure himself if he keeps running through traffic the way he did.

After treating the man, the kind staff at the hospital even allowed the doggo to stay with his owner throughout his recovery. The two’s story truly captures what dogs mean to homeless people and vice versa.

Don’t miss the video showing how the dog chases his owner’s ambulance:

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