Dog Chases Google Street View Car And ‘Ruins’ Every Frame

The internet has many bizarre and niche corners that people, for some unknown reason, find amusing or interesting. One of those is StreetViewFun, a website dedicated solely to funny, emotional or straight-up weird photos, caught by Google Street View’s cameras.

One StreetViewFun user recently noticed that a cheerful serial photobomber appears in several street-view photos, as a result of an adorable pursuit after Google’s street view car in Kumage, Japan.

The man managed to trace the pursuit back to its origin. The moment the pooch noticed that something peculiar was passing him is clearly portrayed in the photo above. All dog owners know what this posture means – you better secure your dog fast, or else he’ll set off on a wild chase, which is exactly what happened.

The next frame already shows the enthused pooch in the midst of his hot pursuit. As soon as the dog’s pictures appeared on a few Google Street View forums, he quickly became an online sensation. One commenter wrote: “It looks like it’s saying, ‘What’s this that’s come down my road?’”, while someone added: “I laughed so hard when I saw how far it chased the car!”, another commenter also wrote: “As soon as it sees the odd-looking car, it knows something’s up”.

It remains unclear who won the unusual race, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter, as long as everyone involved had a good time.

Enjoy the chase, frame by frame, by clicking here

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