Dog Bursts Into The Service And The Priest Has A Shocking Reaction

God (spelled backwards) is Good .  Dogs teach us about God’s love, they are mentioned more than a dozen times in the Bible and many believe that dogs are creatures of God.

Recently, a church in Brazil, Nossa Senhora das Dores parish, invited a special guest to the service. 

An anonymous dog jumped in without apologizing. This doggo must have experienced a spiritual enlightening for he decided to enter the church in the middle of the service. Usually, when people are late, they sit in the back so as not to interrupt. But this playful four-legged creature decided to steal the show.

Not only did he not sit in the back, but he also went all the way over to Father José Geraldo Sobreira, the priest’s chair and the next thing he did was completely unbelievable.

The special guest decided to lie on his back and wait for the priest to pet him. The loving priest could not resist. The dog was having so much fun,  he started to play with that as well.

Paróquia Nossa Senhora das Dores

Instead of shooing him away, the priest embraced the situation like a pro. Despite his lack of manners, everyone smiled and enjoyed the small distraction.

You don’t want to miss the adorable moment on the video down below:

 Many viewers were charmed by the way Sobreira treated the dog, he earned lots of praise.

People fell in love with both the priest and the dog “Beautiful father! I loved your gesture!” one commenter added. As the priest explains, animals are in this world to teach us about pure love- and the importance of spreading it everywhere we go.

Paróquia Nossa Senhora das Dores

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