Dog Becomes a Hero for Saving Distressed Koala From Australian Bushfires

The Koala Made an Astonishing Recovery

The disastrous fires devouring Australia are taking their tall; many animals are hurting and dying every day. Sometimes it’s just too difficult to read about it; it’s tough to see all those animals suffering helplessly. 

Even so, tragedy always brings the best in people and, in this case, the best in animals. A little bird at the Koala Hospital Port Macquarie has told us, that one exceptional dog has become a hero after saving a defenseless koala named Keli.

Since Keli is just a toddler in koala years and weighs only about 300g, the Koala Hospital Port Macquarie had its doubts about Keli’s recovery. Fortunately, the little one had a lot of might and rehabilitated very quickly.  

The hospital couldn’t believe Keli’s amazing speedy recovery. It’s already looking forward to being released back into the wild during wintertime in Australia.

Keli was named after the heroic dog whose done the impossible and saved it from the Australian bushfires

Keli, the dog, is definitely the hero of this story. It rescued Keli the Koala from the fires consuming Australia. When Keli, the dog, found Keli the koala, it was an awful sight to watch; the koala had only weighed around 300g, was suffering from malnutrition and severe fungal infection. 

Keli, the koala, was rushed to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Nowadays, Keli is recuperating nicely, that the hospital is starting to prepare Keli for its release back into the wild. 

Even so, Keli still has a long way to go;it will be a few months until it’ll gain enough weight and strength to survive in the wild. Moreover, the hospital would like for it to be released during colder months, at particular locations, that haven’t suffered any fire damage.

Keli arrived at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital injured, and suffering from a fungal infection

The hospital’s staff is eagerly waiting to see Keli recuperating and gaining back its health. They’re hoping the little one will not be so little no more and gain some weight. When Keli would hit the 2.5 kg milestone, the hospital will have a party to celebrate his achievement. 

Nevertheless, the hospital’s staff stresses that they’re in no hurry to release cute Keli into the wild any time soon.

Dr. Kellie Leigh is an executive director at the Science for Wildlife organization. He’s a bit concerned that there aren’t any regulations or guidelines that state when’s the best time to release injured koalas back into the wild. 

Dr. Leigh claims Australia was not at all prepared for such a disaster: there are no written protocols to instruct how to handle different situations, such as rescuing animals or releasing of animals after their recovery. 

The bright side is that now is high time for them to start learning and implementing new procedures, that will amount to better quality care in the future.

Thankfully, Keli has made a spectacular recovery 

The Koala population had suffered a grave hit by the Australian bushfires. About 30% of the koalas in the New South Wales region had perished, along with their natural habitats. 

The numbers are still vague and will only be accurate after the fires die out.

Although Keli must gain a lot of weight before he could be set free into the wild, it’s clear Keli is in good company

Even though Australia is going through a terrible disaster, it’s nice to see such heroism, love, and care between god’s creatures

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