Dog And His Owner Reunited After 8 Long Years Apart

There’s only one thing that’s harder for a dog owner than losing his dog – losing his dog without ever knowing what happened to him. A dog that was lost as a puppy was finally reunited with his owner after eight long years, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Josh Edwards lost his dog Duke after he was stolen from his back yard eight years ago. Edwards, who was naturally very attached to the pooch, looked everywhere for him. He hanged hundreds of flyers, asked for his friends’ help, and reached out to the police for assistance. Sadly all his efforts were in vain, and after a few tiring months of searching for Duke, Edwards gave up all hope of ever seeing his canine friend again.  “I never thought I would see him again.’’ He told The Miami Herald.

Then after eight long years, Josh finally got the phone call he’s been waiting for. A woman found the dog wandering the streets of Miami and brought him to a vet, who found he was chipped. The woman and the vet called Edwards, who was completely shocked. “I was blown away when I got the call,” He later recalled.

Josh was nervous about the reunion and wasn’t sure whether or not Duke will remember him. The big day came and it was time for the man and his dog to finally reunite at the Tamiami Animal Hospital. Edwards sat anxiously when his 120-pound pooch walked into the room. Duke sniffed Edwards for a few seconds, before starting to vigorously lick his face. “I think he knew who I was right away,” Josh said. 

The man broke down in tears and hugged his long lost friend closely. It took them eight years, but they finally found each other. Watch the tear-jerking moment the dog and his owner finally reunited in the video below:

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