Dog Adopts Pygmy Goat And Treats Her Like Her Own Puppy

It seems that it’s not only humans that are charmed by miniature animals. After his owners fell in love with an adorable baby pygmy goat, it was time to introduce her to their pooch. The owners of the dog were shocked when they saw how their motherly pooch adopts a baby pygmy goat and treats her as if she was one of her own pups.

The adorable white German Shepherd instantly leaped in place and began to cuddle the little kid. It was clear to both her owners that she took the role of his mother upon herself. She loves to groom the baby goat and she cares for his every need. There’s no doubt that the baby goat is lucky to have such a devoted and affectionate mother.

Watch the two cuddle together in the adorable video below:

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