Dog Adopts Orphaned Baby Possums And Gives Them Piggy-Back Rides

Pretinha is a dog who’s strongly connected to her maternal instincts, so when her owner found a group of orphaned baby possums, she was the first to take the task of caring for them upon herself.

The baby possums were found by Pretinha’s owner, Stephanie Maldonado, minutes after their mother was attacked and killed by a dog in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Stephanie knew the poor babies wouldn’t survive on their own. They were so tiny that they still hadn’t opened their eyes. Stephanie turned to a nearby wildlife rescue center. Unfortunately, the shelter was at full capacity and couldn’t take any more animals, so Stephanie decided to take the hapless babies home with her.

When Stephanie walked through the door holding the baby possums, Pretinha instantly sensed that the helpless babies were in desperate need of a loving and caring mother. She immediately started licking and nurturing them as if they were her own.

Pretinha and the possums became inseparable, and thanks to all the love, care, and nurture, they quickly grew to be strong and healthy enough to climb on her back.

Pretinha loves her adopted possums and gives them piggy-back rides when she’s going on walks, Just as they’re real possum mother would have done!

Stephanie plans to return the possums to the wild when they’ll be strong and independent enough. for now, they’re in the safe in the loving hands (or paws to be precise) of Pretinha.

Watch the adorable video of Pretinha taking her baby possums on a ride:

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