Dog Adopts A Man And Rests His Head On His Shoulder Knowing That Everything’s Going To Be Okay

On rare occasions, the pet is the one that gets to chose its owners rather than the other way around. When this happens, it’s undoubtedly a magical moment. Seeing how this stray dog rests his head on a man he just met, just goes to show how much dogs trust and rely on us humans.

Anand Raman was visiting his sister at work in Dubai, where temperatures can reach a scorching 120°F (50°C) at the peak of summer. After checking in on his sister, the man returned to his car not knowing that he’s in for a surprise. A pair of big eyes were staring at him from beneath his car. It was a helpless stray dog that was trying to take shelter from the unbearable heat.

The dog crawled from beneath Raman’s car and began wagging his tail vigorously. He was trying to look as adorable as he can in attempts to woo his new friend into playing with him. The man noticed that the dog’s legs were slightly crooked, but couldn’t get a good look at them because the doggo was so excited to finally meet a human that noticed him.

After much petting, Raman knew that he couldn’t just leave the dog on the streets. He ordered a taxi and took the stray to the vet. Life on the streets must have drained the dog completely because he almost instantly fell asleep on the man’s shoulder. He knew that he’s in good hands.

Upon inspection, the vet found that the dog was severely malnourished and suffered from rickets, which was the reason for his funny walk. Happily, the vet said that it shouldn’t have any long term effect and will heal completely once he gets all his nutritions back. Raman brought the pooch back home with him, not knowing that he’s in for yet another surprise.

After giving the doggo a bath, the man was shocked to discover that the dog was in fact all white. He was so dirty from living on the dirty streets, that the man couldn’t have known that he was white until he bathed him. The dog’s new appearance lead Raman to name him Snowy, after the white dog from the book ‘The Adventures of Tintin’.

It wasn’t all fun and games for the two though. The dog’s time on the streets left a mark on his gentle soul. He had a hard time adapting to being confined to life between four walls. He didn’t know how to entertain himself indoors but was also terrified of being deserted outside when Raman took him on walks. It took Snowy some time, but the dog eventually realized that he hit the jackpot when he chose to cling to the right person at the right time.

Share the picture of the moment the dog rests his head on his new adoptive dad’s shoulder to show people just how much dogs need us.

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