Doctors Are Shocked To Find That A Dog Made His Owner’s Health Condition Better

Some say, love, can cure anything. 

Flavio Santos from Brazil and his beloved dog, Agadir make the best partners in crime. Sadly, Santos has been battling cancer far away from home in the Hospital Memorial São José

The treatments have been emotionally and physically draining, to say the least, but one of the hardest things for Santos was missing his furry pal.

Santos’ dedicated nurses heard about his longing to see his sweet dog, so they came up with a brilliant idea to make an effort despite the hospital policy that doesn’t allow pets in, of setting up a unique meeting at the hospital.

When the duo had finally reunited, the excitement that was in the air was indescribable. Santos and Agadir were ecstatic to be around each other and being able to cuddle and show some love and affection.

It was later discovered that the emotional meeting had a lot of impact on Santos’ health. Doctors suddenly noticed a positive change in Santos’ condition.

One of Santos’ doctors, Dr. Tancredi checked the surprising discovery and found that pet visits serve many practical benefits both psychological and physical. For instance, it can lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Agadir’s visit had a significant impact on both the short and long run. Santos started to feel better the same day he saw his dog, and his condition improved every day more and more. 

The beneficial visit made Tancredi consider discharging Santos so he could be home with his curing furry companion.

The loving dog was the first pet that was allowed at the hospital, and hopefully, more patients will be fortunate to have their pets paying a visit.

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