Do You Get Occasional Visits From Opossums? Here’s Why You Should Consider Yourself Lucky

When it comes to opossums, people are split – Some consider them to be the cutest creatures on the planet, while others consider them as pests.

Opossums are the only type of marsupial that is native to North America, with the Virginia Opossum being the most common type in the US.

They’re also one of the oldest species of mammals in the world.

But that’s enough opossums-trivia for now, the actual reason you’re reading this, is to find out why you shouldn’t scare away the next possum that enters your property.

Well, the biggest benefit opossums offer us humans (besides being cute), derives from the fact that opossums are omnivores, which means that they’ll eat practically anything, making them a great natural pest controller. They’re going to be eating all of those things you don’t want to have around your house – mice, cockroaches, snails, rats, carrions, and even – snakes(!) yep, that’s right, many people don’t realize this, but opossums are immune to rattlesnake venoms.

Dog owners should feel especially lucky when they get a visit from a possum. They are master tick killers, with the average opossum eating around 5000 ticks each season.

The video below reveals some surprising facts about opossums that even we didn’t know:

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