Disabled Dog Was Returned To The Shelter Four Times And Finally Finds His Perfect Forever Family

Bandit is such a good dog! Everyone at the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program loves him to bits. Unfortunately, the little fellow has two impaired back paws, which are constrained to a wheelchair. He can’t go anywhere without it.

The sweet pup is a special needs canine and in order to be adopted, his family must suit their house to his needs and aid him with specific tasks.

His special needs brought him the same point of being returned over and over again. The four rejections have broken his heart completely.

The sweet pooch just wanted to be loved, but it’s easy to understand why so many people decided to give up on him: when you need to take care of a dog in such an extensive manner, you must have the means, the patience, and a courageous heart to do so.

Luckily, The Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program didn’t give up on sweet Bandit and decided to post his touching story on Facebook. The story caught one couple’s attention, who truly believed that they could give him a genuine forever home.

The moment Darrell and Sue Rider saw Bandit’s post, they were overwhelmed by the love that overcame them. They knew they could provide the love and the special care that he needs because, coincidently, Darrell suffers from the same type of paralysis as Bandit. 

When the couple first viewed the post, they felt it was destiny that brought them to that moment. Darrell believed that they could be awesome wheelchair buddies, and Sue felt the same.

After a lot of consideration, they’ve decided to contact the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program and apply to adopt sweet Bandit.

Due to Darrell’s situation, the Riders are considered experts in dealing with Bandit’s needs. However, we all must remember that Bandit had gone that road before, and broke his heart pretty bad.

Hence this time, the staff at the jail program had decided to choose the canine’s owner very carefully, and met with the Riders several times until all parties were sure that this adoption was the best option for both Bandit and the Riders.

After the decision was made, the Riders prepared their house for Bandit’s arrival and were super excited to meet him for the very first time.

Although the discussions lasted for over a month, Sue and Darrell still didn’t have a chance to meet the charming canine, because they didn’t want to get too attached too soon.

When they first met, it was clear that they were meant to be Bandit’s forever family. Darrell felt an instant connection with Bandit because of their shared struggle. He knows that he and Sue understand the pooch’s situation better than most people, so he will grow in a family that loves him and understands his needs adequately.    

The happy family was excited to go home and start their life together.

Although the staff at the program was ecstatic to hear that Bandit was headed to the best life with his forever family, they were quite sad to see him go. After such a long time together, they knew that they’d miss his joyful face every morning. The Riders said that the staff could always come and visit Bandit, so they won’t have to miss him too much.

Since Bandit had first arrived at his forever home, he has acclimated quite quickly. The Riders are happy to report that it feels like Bandit had been living with them forever as if something was missing before, and he came to fill that hole with love.

The family loves to go on adventures together, which fits perfectly with Darrell’s and Bandit’s situation. Finally, it looks like Bandit can relax because he has genuinely found his loving forever family.

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