Disabled Dog Is Ecstatic To Get A Cart With Wheels

Kaylee is a family-oriented dog who loves her family more than she loves herself. 
Sadly, at age 13, she started to find it hard to walk for she suffered arthritis in her back legs.


As time, passes by her condition gets worse, and now she’s still able to walk but for short periods.
Watching your dog getting old and ill is one of the hardest things. Her family has been trying to adjust to the fact that she could never run around and walk for distances like before.


While the pooch tries to keep up with her family and always stay near them, at times, her body won’t allow her doing that. 
Her dad wanted to make sure that nothing would stop his dog companion from being wherever she wanted and walk comfortably. So, he spent his day off to be creative and build something special for his beloved disabled dog. One of Kaylee’s favorite humans is her dad, we can now understand why. 

He was trying to find a way to make Kaylee’s life easier. So he started to build a cart with wheels so they could pull her wherever they go. It worked incredibly smooth; they can now help the sweet dog joining her family when they roam around the house or go outside for a walk. Kaylee’s dad made it so much easier for her to be around them without suffering.


Watch the video of Kaylee’s dad tests out the new cart:

The video made all the family members so emotional and excited. It warmed their hearts to see that now she could join them without being limited by her arthritic legs.


Kaylee’s dad goes above and beyond to ensure that she is treated the best way and gets everything she needs. The loving dad made some changes around the house to so they could pull the cart wherever they go from room to room. 
Kaylee is so happy and thankful for every moment she can be with her family without suffering.


It’s inspiring to see what a loving family can do to make their disabled dog’s life much better.

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