Devoted Dog Waited 9 Years for His Deceased Owner to Come Back

Somewhere in Tokyo, Japan, over a hundred years ago, Hachiko, the dog, a sweet Akita who had the best owner ever, Hidesaburo Ueno. Their bond was heartwarming and indestructible.

Hachiko was born in 1923 and adopted by Hidesaburo Ueno shortly after. Hidesaburo was a professor of agriculture at the University of Tokyo, so he needed to take the train from the Shibuya station to work daily. 

Every day, Hachiko escorted his beloved owner to the Shibuya train station where Hidesaburo hugged and petted his beloved dog, said goodbye, and headed to work. Although Hachiko could’ve done anything after his boss went to work, he preferred to wait for Hidesaburo at the train station. 

While he was waiting, a few local vendors and station workers would look after the adorable canine, pet him and feed him.

The dynamic duo hung on to that routine for quite some time and was very happy together. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and Hidesaburo suffered a brain hemorrhage, which eventually became the cause of his death.

Hidesaburo passed away while he was at work, so poor Hachiko had no idea that his cherished owner wasn’t among the living anymore. Thus, the sweet pooch just kept on waiting for Hidesaburo, hoping that he’ll come back, missing him like hell. 

Every day Hachiko waited for his owner by the train station. Whenever his usual train came, he frantically looked for him, but to no avail. Hidesaburo was the canine’s everything, and now he couldn’t accept that his owner wasn’t coming back, because that would mean that he’s genuinely alone in the world. 

It’s tough for dogs, who have such pure hearts and the intelligence level of children, to grasp the concept of death. It was evident that Hachiko just couldn’t handle the truth, so he rathered to keep waiting. 

Shibuya Folk and Literary Shirane Memorial Museum

Hachiko never gave up on his owner and kept waiting for him at the train station for over nine years. On March 8, 1935, the canine was found dead by the train station, out of natural causes.

Over the years, many people who work at the station have grown attached to the incredible pooch, including Hidesaburo’s wife, Yaeko, who kept raising him and caring for him all of these years. They’ve all shared magical moments with the hearty dog, and knew that they’d miss him deeply.

Consequently, they all decided to take Hachiko to the station’s baggage room, which was one of his favorite places, to take pictures of him and keep his memory alive. 

Due to his unique heart and incredible story, Hachiko’s body was preserved and displayed at the National Science Museum of Japan in Tokyo. His body is presented there, and many people come and view the dog and learn about his touching story until today.

Although he passed away long ago, the spirit of Hachiko lives on throughout the city of Tokyo. A bronze statue was made in his honor, to commemorate the canine’s soul and incredibly heartwarming tale. 

The beautiful statue stood outside the Shibuya Station until WWII, when it was destroyed during the mayhem. It was replaced by an exact replica in 1948.

Over the years, the statue endured the test of time. However, that part of the Shibuya Train Station was eventually closed, and turned into a beautiful park, where the icon remains until today. 

Nowadays, we can all stroll through the pastoral park, and remember what an incredible heart Hachiko had. We know that there are more dogs like him, and we hope to find more people who act with such love and grace.  

Moreover, the closest gate to the remaining train station and the statue changed their name to “Hachikō-guchi,” which means “The Hachikō Entrance/Exit” in Japanese. The train station also changed the name of one of the train lines from a regular number to the Hachiko Line.

This amazing true story has been told countless times because it’s all about absolute love and an incredibly loyal friendship.

80 years after the pure-hearted canine’s passing, and 90 years after Ueno’s demise, Tokyo had unveiled a brand new bronze statue of Hachiko and Hidesaburo together, finally reuniting as best friends. The video of the unveiling is right below, and it’s really adorable. 

The statue can be seen at the University of Tokyo’s agriculture department, where the renowned professor used to work.

Watch the touching video down below:

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