Develop Your Dog’s IQ With These Brain-Boosting Exercises

Providing dogs with regular mental and physical stimulations is a key factor for their well being. 
Paid brain-boosting programs are abundant and range from online courses to private lessons from self-entitled dog mentors. We hope to provide those looking for a more hands-on approach to boosting their pooch’s mental abilities with a few useful tricks and tips.


Obstacle Treat and Food Puzzles

You can use your dog’s favorite treat as bait for mentally stimulating activities. Do this by hiding treats in an old towel and tying it in a knot, or simply by letting your dog play with a Chew Treat Ball. Besides strengthening and cleaning the dog’s teeth, practicing this method will develop your dog’s patience and determination. Food puzzles like the Chew Treat Balls are also a great way of slowing a dog’s eating pace, therefore further improving its self-control.


You might occasionally want to show your appreciation for your dog’s positive deeds, but instead end up confusing it, leaving it uncertain as to which part of its action pleased you. Conditioning helps to reinforce a dog’s understanding of its owner’s source of content. Noises have been found to act as a stronger and more efficient stimulus compared to verbal reinforcements. Treat your dog with an enjoyable playtime with a Squeaky Duck and Meaty Bone Toy, when he behaves positively. The toy’s built-in squeaker will satisfy your dog and relieve its stress, signaling to him exactly when you think that he’s a good boy.

Play Fetch

While it might sound like a trivial thing to do with a dog, playing fetch teaches dogs discipline, bonds the canine with its owner and allows the owner to show that he’s the dominant pack leader. Playing fetch can even help dogs overcome their separation anxiety. Next time you’re taking your four-legged friend to the park, throw him a Self Playing Rubber Ball Toy, and play fetch or tug-of-war with him. When the time comes to leave your dog home alone, let him play with the Self Playing Rubber Ball. We’ve found that leaving dogs with items associated with memories of their owners, helps them to show fewer and less severe symptoms of separation anxiety.

Play ‘Drop It’

Once your dog masters the art of playing fetch, you can further improve its discipline and obedience to your commands by teaching him the ‘drop it’ game. Throw your dog a Zippy Squeaky Toy and then tell him to drop it a few times until he gets the hang of it. When he does, be sure to reward him with a treat. Once your dog learns the ‘drop it’ command, you can start teaching him to drop each toy in a different place around the house. Go Animals’ Zippy Squeaky Toy comes in a set of three different woodland creatures. Having three different creatures gives the ‘drop it’ game more versatility, enabling owners to teach their dog the name of the creatures, and to associate them with their place in the house. The most important thing about teaching your dog the ‘drop it’ game, is to be persistent, and always reward him when he successfully recognizes the name of the toy and puts it in the right place.

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