Delivery Man Walks Away With Customer’s Pup

Vandana Shah, reported that a Pune delivery man walked away with her beagle pup, Dottu last week!  

When Shah couldn’t find her baby beagle, she searched everywhere for him, and he was nowhere to be found. After looking for hours, she went searching for him in the neighborhood, but she didn’t find him there as well.

The family was devasted and confused because Dottu was left inside their house, and he had no way to escape. They went to the police and notified them about the bizarre incident.

Shah said that when she contacted several delivery guys near her house, one of them said that the dog looked familiar and that he saw him with one of his colleagues. She got a picture of the delivery man with her dog as well and found out that he worked at Zomato and identified as Tushar.

She explained that Tushar confessed picking him up, but when they asked him to give Dottu back, he made up excuses saying that he sent the pup to his village. She continued by saying that they even offered him money, but he still didn’t cooperate and then turned off his cellphone.

Shah was completely lost and decided to contact Zomato, hoping they will help them get her kidnapped dog back. They replied, “That’s totally not acceptable. Please help us with your contact details or the order details via DM and someone from our team will reach out to you at the earliest.”

The worried owner and her husband said that the police promised to help, and then they didn’t let them register a complaint. Eventually, they let her do that after reportedly saying she was a lawyer.

Shas said that later, Zomato refused to accept the fact that their delivery guy kidnapped their pup, but then Tushar shared his address, and the worried family rushed to pick him up. But guess what, Tushar wasn’t there.

Reportedly, Police inspector Kalpana Jadhav confirmed that the beagle pup is back to his owners.

Dottu’s owners are mad that Zomato didn’t have an emergency number, and they had to DM message them to get help.

After 53 hours, Dutto is finally reunited with his family:

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