Deer covered in tumors caught on camera by photographer

A nurse and photographer, Julie Carrow, was out shooting portraits last month in Minnesota, when a shocking sight passed by.

Carrow spotted the deer and manage to snap shots, showing the many dark and wart-like bumps engulfing the animal’s neck, face and stomach area.

“This deer casually wandered past us,” the nurse/photographer recalls. “He did not appear in any distress or malnourished, though I couldn’t see his eyes.”
Carrow had notified the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Her friend shared the images via Facebook group Big Bone Outdoors, which led to 7,000-plus shares.

“This to me is just heartbreaking,” she wrote on Facebook on July 25, adding “Hoping this post will help this little man”.

The Department of Natural Resources identified the deer’s condition as fibromatosis – fibromas being wart-like growths found on the skin of white-tailed deer and other members of the deer family. And a pretty nasty one at that.

The Department noted it was probably the worst case of the condition ever witnessed, assuming the deer vision has been affected. 

Though it is possible the tumors will regras on it’s own, Sadly, a deer having trouble seeing clearly is easy pray.

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