Deaf Man Decides To Adopt Rescue Pup And Teach Him Sign Language

Emerson is a sweet and smart dog. Unfortunately, he was born on the street and needed medical attention from the first breath he took.

When the canine was 6-weeks-old, he was rescued by a shelter in Florida.

However, once Emerson arrived at the shelter, the staff noticed that he was in pretty bad shape and suffered from seizures. Consequently, they decided to quickly race him to an animal hospital.

At the hospital, Emerson was diagnosed with an infection, which he recuperated from quite nicely. Sadly, it made him lose his hearing.

The team in Florida decided to move Emerson to the North Florida Rescue of Maine. Although he was deaf, he acted just like any other puppy; he was happy, loving, and more adorable than ever. Thus, the shelter decided to put him up for adoption and posted his heartbreaking story on Facebook, in the hopes that someone would fall in love with him. Happily, someone did.

Nick Abbott noticed the post about Emerson on Facebook, and since he’s also deaf, he instantly felt a connection toward him. Although he already has a dog, Abbott couldn’t forget Emerson’s image and realized that he had to go and meet the delightful pooch.

Abbott called the shelter and set up a time to meet Emerson. The moment the canine saw him, he fell in love too! Emerson walked straight up to Nick and sat next to him as the pooch had already picked the man. The pup looked at Nick, and knew that this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

These days, Nick and Emerson are spending every waking moment together. Nick teaches the dog sign language and Emerson is having fun getting to know his new canine brother, Scout. 

The adorable threesome is having a fantastic time together, and it looks like they’re already becoming a warm forever family. What a happy ending!

Emerson and Nick’s journey was recorded on an incredible video! Watch it here below.

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