Deaf Man Adopted Adorable Deaf Pup And Taught Him Sign Language

Sadly mix-breed dogs are still overlooked by many who rather buying an expensive breed. That is the main reason that shelters and streets are stuffed with mix-breed dogs who only dream about having a forever family.

But even people who go the shelters to adopt a rescue dog can be quite picky as well. Many ignore “unadoptable” dogs, such as seniors and disabled dogs.

But Nick Abbott, a 31-year-old deaf man, is one of those who looked beyond the difficulties and differences, straight to the “unadoptable”s souls.

When Nick met Emerson, a deaf puppy, he knew they belonged together. The adorable pup was only a month and a half old when he was adopted from a Florida shelter. 

The pup was reportedly abandoned with his siblings in the street. The poor four-legged furball had seizures, so he was taken to the vet to get the medical attention he needed. Sadly, Emerson had parvovirus, a harsh and contagious disease that harm the intestines and heart.

After the vet’s appointment, they realized Emerson couldn’t hear. Linsday Powers from NFL Maine posted his photos online in hopes of finding him a forever family. That was when Nick contacted Lindsay and asked about the deaf puppy.

Nick shared with her his personal story, and Lindsay knew he was the right one for him. Then, within a day, Nick had become a dog owner to an adorable puppy.

Nick was a perfect mentor for Emerson; he taught him how to communicate through the sign language, and his sweet pup learned the “sit”, “lie down” and “come here” signs.

Abbott was smitten by his lovely dog and wanted to touch the world by opening an Instagram account, especially for Emerson. He posts adorable photos of his endearing doggo and his inspiring journey.

It is incredible to see that although both Emerson and Nick are deaf, they have the best time and live life to the fullest.

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