Deaf Kitten Finds A Forever Home With Two Deaf Cat Siblings

When deaf kitten, King, was found by Sparkle Cat Rescue, in North Carolina he was in severe condition. The poor kitten had a maggot infestation, so he was taken straight to the emergency vet’s clinic.

King was in a lot of pain, but he was a fighter. He was the only one who survived in his family. His resilience inspired all of those who were involved.

After he was given the proper medical attention he needed, he took a good bath and was given food. It didn’t take long until he grew in size, strength, and personality. 

King was given round-the-clock care which helped him heal and eventually fully recover.

Sarah Kelly, was a foster volunteer of the rescue who took in the orphan kitten. She did an incredible job with helping him to recover and show him that cuddles and snuggles are fun.

At 3-4 weeks, his caretakers started to think that he was deaf, but overall, he acted like a normal happy kitten.

When an animal lover who has two deaf felines, Christina Moody, heard about King’s story, it pulled at her heartstrings. She knew that he needed her two deaf cats, and she needed him too.

About two months ago, the adorable furball was brought to his forever home, and when Snow, King’s new sibling saw his new brother for the first time, he sprang to greet him and show him around.

It was love at first sight; they both clicked and didn’t let each other out of eyeshot. King’s other new sibling, Bomba, needed some time to adjust but when he started to interact with King he joined the inseparable duo, and they became an undivided trio.

King’s brothers are very protective of him and always there to show him he’s not alone. They watch him play around, being playful and wait for the second he would need them just so they could help him.

Initially, Christina’s husband didn’t want another cat, but when he saw King’s picture after he was rescued, he was smitten with the kitten and decided to take him in.

Adorable King enjoys every moment he spends at home with his new loving and understanding family. He is so happy that he will never be alone again and is constantly loved.

Thank you Sparkle Cat Rescue and the Moodys for giving King a second go at a happy life. Stop by King and his brothers’ Instagram account and Sarah’s foster kitties Instagram account.

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