Deaf Cat That Was Brutally Declawed And Abandoned Finds Peace

Family cats have a hard time fending for themselves in the street after they are being abandoned. Angel, a family cat that was left on the streets after her family moved away, was extremely confused and didn’t know how to get along all by herself.

Although she has cat instincts, she didn’t have the skills to hunt. Her paws were declawed so she couldn’t catch prey and on top of that, she was deaf!

Luckily, an Almost Home Foundation’s volunteer stumbled into her when she opened her front door. She was scared and confused. Since the adorable cat couldn’t hunt, she was skin and bones. If the volunteer didn’t find Angel, she would have starved to death.

The rescuer gave her food and a warm place to rest. She gained some weight and started to feel better. She quickly realized the abandoned feline was deaf since she was quite hasty.

These days, the adorable beauty is back on her feet, and she’s looking for a family that would never leave her! The rescue group in Schaumburg, Illinois, is looking for the perfect adopters.

Please click here to sign a petition to support the banning of declawing!

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