Deaf and Blind Dog’s Reaction When Dad Comes Back Home Is Heartwarming

We all know that in each shelter across the earth, there are sweet canines who are waiting to be adopted. Opal the canine is one of many of these dogs who are overlooked as people wait in line to buy puppies from puppy mills.

Sweet little Opal is a deaf and blind Double Merle. Apparently, her breed has a substantial probability of ending up this way, and she wasn’t lucky enough to be an exception.

While many people didn’t even consider adopting her due to her condition, she had something good coming. One day, the 8-month-old dog met Christine and Forrest Bray, a loving couple that saw Opal for who she really is, and knew that she was a very special pooch the moment they laid their eyes on her. The two adopted her without a second thought.

Although Opal can’t see or hear very well, her sense of smell had actually profoundly improved, so when Opal’s dad comes home from work, she’d sense it in no time!

Christine has set up an Instagram account for sweet Opal, where she shares the adorable adventures the two enjoy together every day. She also writes about Opal’s fantastic sense of smell, and how it amazes her that the dog can tell the difference between the scent of one car to another. 

Whenever Opal senses Forrest’s car pulling up the driveway, she’s already super excited and when he arrives at the front door, she’s already waiting to greet him. Her reaction each time is as if she hasn’t seen him for ages!

Watch the video below to enjoy the cheerful greeting and love the two share together on a daily bases.  

Opal is so happy when Forrest comes home, so it makes everyone around her glad as well. 

The family enjoys Opal reaction each time. They love it so much that it has become the happiest moment of their day, and they admit that they look forward to it every day.

The video of the precious moment has quickly gone viral for all the right reasons. It’s impressive to see that this fantastic canine, who was overlooked over and over again, has become such a celebrity within a few days.

Although Opal isn’t really aware of her growing fame, she’s so happy to be living with her human parents and enjoying the best life she could’ve ever hoped for. 

We’re so happy that Opal found her loving family, and hope that many other pooches will be lucky as her. Watch Opal’s story in the video below.

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