Dalmatian Pup With Heart On His Nose Is Now An Instagram Celebrity

Meet Wiley, the cutest and most adorable Dalmatian dog with a heart on his nose.

An adorable Dalmatian pup with a heart marking on his nose has won the world’s heart.

Meet Wiley, a sweet Dalmatian dog who has his own Instagram account which has drawn thousands of followers reaching 160K followers yesterday!  

These adorable photos explain why he has gone so viral.

As his 26-year-old loving owner, Lexi Smith, started to post his photos on an Instagram account that she created especially for him the internet was instantly hooked and countless followers wanted more and more.

We can’t help ourselves but falling for this little pup while one of our favorite childhood movies was 101 Dalmatians.

Sweet Wiley is the most friendly and affectionate dog. He has been the center of attention wherever he is, and people are smitten with his adorable heart marking on his nose. He weighs in 54 pounds and makes the perfect furry companion. 

Lexi and Wiley have been living together in Colorado and was born with his 10 Dalmatian siblings. It wasn’t easy for his mommy to pick between the 11th of them, but the heart on his nose conquered her heart. The main reason she chose was his love for a comfy bed and food- exactly like his mom.

It was love at first sight, ever since she brought him home, he grew in size and personality, and they have formed a unique bond. They do everything together; play, explore the world, and even have dinner together.

The inseparable duo is grateful to live in such a wild and beautiful place as Colorado. They spend their quality time hiking and making new canine friends at dog parks.

As Wiley makes the perfect dog he’s stubborn as well; keeping him calmed down isn’t the easiest task but she uses her creativity to pass the challenge.

Wiley continues to win the social media’s heart on his adorable Instagram account. 

Make sure you stop by for more heart-melting photos.

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