Daddy Sends Hilarious Texts to his Daughter, Talking as her Doggy

Our story begins when a woman named Meghan Specksgoor from Midlothian, Virginia, decided to travel to New York.

Meghan’s furry companion, Chance, couldn’t join her to The Big Apple. The adorable German Shepherd is used to a certain routine, and she didn’t want to make him stay at a kennel all by himself. Consequently, she asked her father, Larry, to watch over him for a few days.

Larry happily agreed and decided to use the chance to have some quality time with his daughter’s pup. Although his daughter was going out on vacation, Larry knew that this is going to be an exciting break for him as well.

Meghan Specksgoor via ABC News

Larry went with his new four-legged companion on his errands and showed him around. During their quality time together, Larry made sure to keep his daughter posted on everything they did. But he updated her on a hilarious way; he pretended to be her dog while texting.

Meghan Kept laughing about “Chance’s enthusiasm” and shared the comical texts on Twitter, so everyone could laugh along with her.

The screenshots of the texts have gone completely viral, with over 54,000 retweets!

Meghan Specksgoor via ABC News

It looks like the dynamic duo had a lot of fun together, and Larry would love to take care of Chance whenever Meghan is away, or just spend quality time with him.

During their vacation, the two had a nice picnic together and enjoyed some yummy food. Afterward, they headed to the nail salon, where Chance had his nails trimmed. They finished a perfect day with a perfect dog-friendly ice cream.

Meghan Specksgoor via ABC News

Larry and Chance bonded during their day together. The humorous texts show how much love they’ve developed for one another. 

When the two had arrived home, Larry decided that Chance would sleep with him in his bed. Of course, he wanted Chance to let his mommy know that all is well.

Chance “wrote” to Meghan about his incredible day, and how much he loves his human grandfather. This pair is going to share a lot of fun times from now on.

Meghan Specksgoor via ABC News

Meghan is surely lucky to have Larry as her father; she can always count on him, and Chance will be excited to spend more quality time with his affectionate human grandpa.

Meghan Specksgoor via ABC News

You don’t want to miss the video below that shows their endearing friendship.

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